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Pedal Steel Workshop and other writings of Tom Bradshaw (Book) (International Orders)

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  • Pedal Steel Workshop and other Writings of Tom Bradshaw
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Pedal Steel Workshop and other Writings of Tom Bradshaw

This 60-page magazine-size booklet contains all of Tom Bradshaw's writings for Guitar Player magazine, from 1968 through 1976. In addition to his "Pedal Steel Workshop" columns, it includes complete interviews with Ralph Mooney, Maurice Anderson, Speedy West, Leon Rhodes, Sonny Curtis, Jimmy Bryant, Jerry Byrd, Curley Chalker and Tom Brumley.

As he compiled this book, Tom added margin comments to many of the articles describing his subsequent thoughts, feedback received, etc.. All told, this is a fascinating piece of pedal steel history.

Contents Include:

  • Steel Guitar Expo (Issue Aug 1968)
  • National Pedal Steel Guitar Show (Issue Oct 1969)
  • Ralph Mooney (Issue Oct 1969)
  • Maurice Anderson and his electric ironing board (Issue Feb 1971)
  • Speedy West: 25 Years Of Steel Guitar "It's a heck of a machine" (Issue Apr 1971)
  • Leon Rhodes From 'Big D Jamboree' to Ernest Tubbs' band to Nashville studios (Issue Aug 1971)
  • The Jones Boys' Sonny Curtis (Issue Dec 1971)
  • Jimmy Bryant jazz or C&W Jimmy just plays for the love of it. (Issue Feb 1972)
  • Jerry Byrd (Issue Mar 1972)
  • Curley Chalker (Issue Mar 1973)
  • Tom Bradshaw's Pedal Steel Workshop (Issue Dec 1971 and Mar 1972)
    • "Kansas City" (Issue Apr 1972)
    • A Mail Potpourri (Issue May/Jun 1972)
    • Practicing (Issue Jul/Aug 1972)
    • Building Your Own (Issue Sep 1972)
    • The Right Hand (Issue Oct 1973)
    • Picking On Picks (Issue Nov/Dec 1972)
    • Keys, Frets or Positions? (Issue Jan/Feb 1973)
    • In Pursuit of Chalker (Issue Mar 1973)
    • Pedal Guitarists Association (Issue Apr 1973)
    • Passing Chords (Issue May/Jun 1973)
    • Foot Volume Pedals (Issue Jul/Aug 1973)
    • Guest: Ernie Hagar (Issue Sep 1973)
    • Tone Bars, Part I (Issue Oct 1973) and Part II (Issue Nov/Dec 1973)
    • Universal Tuning:  an example (Issue Jan 1974)
    • The Well-Tempered Steel Part I (Issue Feb 1974) and Part II (Issue Mar 1974)
    • Pickup Insulating (Issue May 1974)
    • Problem Solver (Issue Jun 1974)
    • Pitch Balance and more (Issue Jul 1974)
    • Detuning Revisited (Issue Aug 1974)
    • Building, Assembling, Buying (Issue Sep 1974)
    • The Musical Competitor (Issue Oct 1974)
    • Back To The Basics (Issue Nov 1974)
    • Wrapping It Up (Issue Dec 1974)
  • Ronny Prophet Country Guitar Master (Issue Feb 1975)
  • Tom Brumley Steel With A Story (Issue Jan 1976)
  • Buddy Emmons Pedal Steel King (Issue May 1976)
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