Dunlop Nickel Silver Mini Finger Picks - Sizes .013" to .025" - (Sold individually)

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Dunlop Nickel Silver Mini Finger Picks (Sold individually)

"Nickel silver fingerpicks deliver a bright and classic sound on banjo, pedal steel, resonator or acoustic guitar." -

These mini picks are designed for people with small hands, or people who just prefer a smaller pick.  Dunlop finger picks are available in six different gauges, from .013 inch (very light) to .025 inch (very heavy).  Most steel guitarists use two, but some use three.  The choice of gauge is a personal preference.  Some people find the lighter gauges more comfortable, and others insist that the heavier gauges sound better.

We sell these picks individually so you can try several different sizes without committing to a bunch of the same sizes if purchased elsewhere. 

Note: Price is per each pick.

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