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SIT® E13th, pure nickel wound

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.012, .015, .018, .020p, .026w, .032, .036, .042

Steel Guitar Forum - SIT® 8 String High E13th, Pure Nickel Wound

In the early days, most electric steel guitar strings were wound with an alloy called pure nickel. When the price of nickel rose dramatically in the 1960's, vitually all of the string manufacturers switched to the nickel plated steel that is commonly called "nickel wound" today.

By special arrangement with S.I.T. Strings, we have developed a few pure nickel string sets for steel guitarists who long to capture that sound and feeling of yesteryear. Our "high E13th" set is designed for the popular tuning used by legendary players like Don Helms (with Hank Williams) and "Little" Roy Wiggins (with Eddy Arnold). They are a bit on the heavy side too, for a rich, full tone.

 G# .012
E .015
C# .018
B .020p
G# .026w
E .032
D .036 (or C#)
B .042 (or A)
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