St. Louis Rain - Elizabeth West CD

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  • St. Louis Rain - Elizabeth West CD
  • St. Louis Rain - Elizabeth West CD


"St. Louis Rain "

Elizabeth's 2008 release features more of her great pedal steel guitar instrumentals, backed by some of the finest musicians in western Canada. Also included is her touching tribute to her beloved Mother, "One In A Billion".

So often we hear steel players recycling the tunes of the past. Elizabeth takes what she needs from traditional techniques and uses them as a starting point to write her own music. Her rhythms and accompaniment follow the familiar styles, but the melodies and chord progressions are uniquely her own. I always enjoy listening to her latest musical adventures.

  1. Derby Bounce
  2. Easy
  3. Don't Know "Y"
  4. Why You Treat Me So Damned Bad
  5. I'll Try
  6. Spuzzum Mountain Polka
  7. Hurtin'
  8. Two More Bottles Of Rye
  9. St. Louis Rain
  10. Candy Mountain
  11. One in a Billion (Instrumental)
  12. One in a Billion (Vocal Track) 
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